Isaac Abrams, American (1939 - )

Isaac Abrams was born and raised in the New York area. He is a self-taught artist with an academic background in literature, history, science and psychology. He founded the first gallery of Psychedelic Art in the world in 1965. He began working as a self-taught painter in the beginning of 1966. He began working as a sculptor in the 1970's. He began extensive work as an animation artist in 1981. He has always painted

Abrams was the former owner of Coda Gallery. The Coda Gallery was noted for its introduction of Psychedelic Art into the mainstream of American media consciousness. Abrams studied in Austria under the tutelage of Ernst Fuchs whose school and method of painting runs in an unbroken line of students and teachers from Albrecht Durer to the present. Dr. Fuchs' techniques and artistic concepts were profoundly stimulating. Abrams remained in Vienna an additional six months.

Mr. Abrams showed his work in Munich at the Gallery Hartmann and in Vienna at the Gallery Ariadne. Returning to the U.S. in 1973, he moved to upstate New York where he isolated himself for a period of experiment and development in the areas of painting, graphics and video. He also moved into a new area of self-expression: sculpture.

In 1975, Mr. Abrams went to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where working at the Shidoni foundry, he completed the development of the vocabulary of his new sculptural work.

Returning to New York City in 1976, Mr. Abrams established himself as an up-and-coming artist whose work is remarkable both for its technical quality and vision.

He begins his work with a series of loosely conceived juxtapositions and then discovers in those juxtapositions the metaphysical and cosmic concepts which are so often expressed in his art.

His works are sudden leaps into unknown spaces, into free-floating gravityless existences, where angels and demons, concepts and conceptions appear and disappear, where paradoxes proliferate and where each viewing of the painting may bring to the viewer a new and different cross combination of the ele- ments within.

His intentions are to create a painting viewable at any distance from inches to yards or dozens of yards; a piece having a vital life which is not dependent on a single point of view or a single conception of what was within.

A Jungian psychoanalyst, for example, has said that Mr. Abrams' works relate to certain archetypical experiences which are often seen in the dreams and fantasies of her patients; a physicist sees various assertions of the latest thinking about the gravitational effects of large bodies on space, time and the "shape" of the universe.

A biologist may see animals, or microbes, which seem to illustrate his own work. For many people, their concept perception of what Mr. Abrams does is based upon what they themselves are doing.

Mr. Abrams feels that he is an open channel. His work is not limited by his own knowledge. He is open to third forces; the first being himself, the second being the painting; and the third being the forces of unconscious cross-connection of all thoughts into one great mind. Having experienced this unity of all thought forms into the one thought form, Mr. Abrams is capable of reaching into the many areas of human experience, to snatch from the pool of the collective consciousness of all minds, extraordinarily acute perceptions.

EXHIBITIONS: Scheduled in the future
2009 - San Antonio Museum
2008 - Haus der Kunst, Munich "Sacred Art"
2008 - Centre Pompidou, Paris "Sacred Art"

2007 - Whitney Museum, NY "Summer of Love"
2006 - Weiner Kunsthall "Summer of Love"
2005 - Schirn Kunsthall, Frankfurt "Summer of Love"
2005 - Tate gallery, Liverpool "Summer of Love"
2004 - Whitney Biennial Illustration to Curators essay
2002 - Vorpal Gallery San Francisco, Callifornia
1984 - Kampo Cultural Center Kyoto, Japan, New Painting NY
USA-Japan Cultural Exchange
1982 - Graham Gallery "New York Visionaries" New York
1982 - Omni Magazine Exhibition Space Art Chicago. Illinois
1979 - Quantum Gallery New York City
1976 - Shidoni Sculpture Exhibition Santa Fe, New Mexico
1976 - Dworkin Gallery Astral Landscapes, one man show
1975 - Dworkin Gallery Group Show, Visionary Art
1972 - Galerie McGwire Vienna, Austria
1971 - Whitney Museum New York (experimental video project)
1971 - Tate Gallery London, "Drawing Masters of the 20th Century"
1971 - Cologne Museum "New Directions"
1970 - Galerie Bischofberger Zurich, Switzerland
1969 - Easthampton Gallery New York City
1968 - Galerie Bischofberger Zurich, Switzerland
1967 - Easthampton Gallery New York City
1967 - Galerie Bischofberger Zurich, Switzerland
1965 - CODA Gallery New York City, Owner & Director
The CODA Gallery had exhibitions of paintings, light works, multi media theater pieces, experimental film and poetry as well as first show of Psychedelic Art in the world.

1998-2002 Rave Works Free form animations, long form animations in multi-screen formats NYC
1997 Space Journey 4 minute animation for 2nd largest Kaleidoscope in world
1997 Spring (Metamorphosis) 12 minute computer animation for the Worlds Largest Kaleidoscope
1996 Peace on Earth 10 minute computer animation for the Worlds Largest Kaleidoscope
1995 Designed and created Worlds Largest Kaleidoscope, 60 foot high, 10 minute computer animation for the Worlds Largest Kaleidoscope
1990 Universal Theme Park Project, stop motion animation for Douglas Trumbull, creator of 2001; sculptor designer of major set for the BACK TO THE FUTURE RIDE
1989 Surprise Symphony, Hayden Animation for use in the field of Musical Education; Animator & Producer
1988 Animation The Top 15 of 1750, Baroque Studies in Motion
1987 ATV, experimental Ambient Video Project, one hour animation
1986 Corporate commission, Merill Lynch
1985-1986 Artist in Residence - WTZA, Computer works employing "paintbox" and video editing. Created original look and feel of the station
1985 The Allegro from Spring - Vivaldi The Four Seasons Winner of The CULTURE, SCIENCE & HOBBIES AWARD, of the International Software Fair Audio Visual Age Show, Tokyo 1988
1985 Music Video animation, Spyra Gyra
1984 Oregon Suite, a 30 minute video using abstract animation transferred from film, edited to the music of the Jazz Group Oregon, This work toured Japan as a USA Japan Cultural Exchange. Broadcast on NYC TV.
1983 Polyphrenia, 15 minute animation shown at Studio 54, and AIR Gallery
1982 Pyramid Man 15 minute animation shown at Studio 54, and AIR Gallery
1971 Whitney Museum New York (experimental video project)

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