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White Orchids

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Sirena (aka Antonia Mastrocristino Sirena)

Sirena (aka Antonia Mastrocristino Sirena)

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American (1929–2006)

  • Poster
  • Size: 27.5 x 18 in. (69.85 x 45.72 cm)
  • Frame Size: 35 x 25 inches

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About The Artist: Sirena (aka Antonia Mastrocristino Sirena)

A.M. Sirena was born in White Plains, N.Y., on January 13th 1929. her father died a few months later. In 1931, because of the Depression, Sirena's mother went to her parents' native Italy, where starvation and then World War II, brought about the death of her eight children. Only Sirena survived when she was rescued from a burning train by an opera singer, who later discovered the little girl's four octave vocal range voice and trained her to...

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About The Medium: Poster

Typically created as a temporary promotional print to be put up or handed out in a public space for mass consumption. Posters can be printed as lithographs, screenprints, or offset printing most typically.

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White Orchids

Sirena (aka Antonia Mastrocristino Sirena)

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