Linda Koast 

Linda Koast is a self-taught artist on the rise.

Linda is the first artist officially licensed to create an original painting of the three firemen raising the United States Flag at the World Trade Center disaster site at Ground Zero.

Her "life-like" paintings and exceptional talent have become top choice to collectors from around the world who are seeking her "true to detail" TV Legends, & portraits. Linda's uncanny ability to capture the essence of actors such as Lucille Ball & company from the "I Love Lucy" Show have earned her critical acclaim.

Inspired by Norman Rockwell, Linda has a unique ultra-realism style that captures the personality and visual impression of her subjects. This talent awarded her commissions for portraits, as well as the permission from Desilu too, LLC. and CBS Worldwide, Inc. to create limited editions of "I Love Lucy." Linda is currently working on additional collections inspired by classic television shows and full length feature films.

Linda is a generous artist who donates her time and talent to many charitable causes. This past September, Linda has lent her talent to a silent auction as part of The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation s "Grand Slam for Children" benefit in Las Vegas.

Many artists prefer seclusion while creating a work of art. Linda, however, much to the delight of collectors, thrives on painting before a live audience.



June, 2004

Bobby Mitchell Toyota charity chose Linda Koast "Honeymooners" limited edition print to be auctioned for the benefit of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

February, 2004

Washington Woman magazine highlights Linda Koast's incredible talent. Read the interview which will be available March.

February, 2004

Linda Koast signs with Collectable Metal Sign company and who will be distributing the collectables throughout US beginning June, 2004.

January 2004

Elvis Enterprise has granted a license to Linda Koast for limited editions. Release of new prints scheduled for March 1, 2004.

January, 2003

The #1 Puzzle company has licensed Linda Koast's images of "I Love Lucy" & "The Honeymooners" paintings for a series of "TV Legends" puzzles which will be available in stores in 03.

February, 2003

The Muscular Dystrophy Association chapter in Washington DC will be auctioning off a limited editon of "California Here We Come" by Linda Koast for the upcoming Leukemia Ball at the Convention Center in Washington DC. Jerry Seinfeld will be hosting the event.

January 2003

Charles Fazzino, international artist who is also the national VP for the Muscular Dystrophy Association chapter has asked Linda Koast to paint and autograph a pair of champagne glasses for the annual "A Taste of the Arts" in March. The "celebrity glass auction" will help children with MS.

Sept, 2002

Montgomery Journal Newspaper "Special Report" interview with Linda Koast, "Artist paints symbol of hope"

August, 2002

CBS News interviews Linda Koast. An inspirational story! Aug. 23, 2002

August, 2002

Lucille Ball's Birthday Celebration featuring Linda Koast. Photo's

July, 2002

Las Vegas Sun features Linda Koast; "She Loves Lucy: Love of classic TV draws artist Koast to 'I Love Lucy."

July, 2002

Linda Koast is a featured Artist for Grand Slam for Children, Sponsored by Andre Agassi in Las Vegas, NV

June, 2002

Art Encounter Gallery presents Linda Koast. Linda Koast has been juried and accepted in the celebrated Las Vegas Gallery. On June 21st from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Koast joined in the "Masters Behind the Masterpieces" reception. "I Love Lucy" limited editions was on display. Las Vegas

June, 2002

Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Lucille Ball and Linda Koast have collaborated on the next release of the "I Love Lucy" collector series to be episode 50 "Lucy is Enceinte" where she is trying to let Ricky know that she is pregnant. New release schedule for September, 2002.

June, 2002

The Lucy- Desi Arnaz Museum in Jamestown, NY have on display the "I Love Lucy" limited edition collector edition created by Linda Koast.

June, 2002

Linda Koast's limited editions are now being sold in New York, Canada, Las Vegas, Florida, and Maryland Galleries. The TV Classic giclee's on canvas are popular amongst collectors of all ages. Additional Galleries to be announced shortly.

June, 2002

Linda Koast has been licensed to paint the three Firemen at Ground Zero, which will be donated to either White House or Smithsonian Museum.

June, 2002

Linda Koast will paint "Syrus" the NYC Port Authority Police Service dog that was killed in the World Trade Center. The painting will be donated.

June, 2002

Sports Agents have approached Linda Koast to commission paintings of today?s sports hero?s in Baseball & Golf. Original paintings to be announced by late summer 2002.

June, 2002

Linda Koast was selected to show her portrait of Dale Earnhardt at the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame at Talladega. After an incredible response by both family members and the public the portrait of Dale Earnhardt that is currently on exhibition will be extend through the fall racing season. There will be tens of thousands of fans and collectors visiting during the special exhibition. Hear what everyone is saying about Linda's Koast portrait. "The painting is absolutely beautiful! Think it's the best I've seen!!."

June, 2002

Linda Koast who is best known for limitless talent of capturing the likeness and personality of subjects has collectors asking for realism-style still life. The NEW RELEASE of " Tuscany Lunch" is now available. Anyone who has traveled to Italy will be reminded of the fabulous food and wine that is a part of the Italian culture. Step back to a Tuscany memory.

April, 2002

"Artist Linda Koast Gives "Lucy" New Life" article featured in Art World News dated May monthly issue.

April, 2002

"Painter feels At Home With "I Love Lucy" portraits" Article featured in the Gazette Net & Gazette Newspaper dated April 3, 2002.

March, 2002

Famed Pop Artist Romero Britto has added to his personal art collection "Vitameatavegamin" while at the Art Expo saying her "art talent is incredible."

February, 2002

Linda Koast debut at the Art Expo, NYC Feb. 28th - March 4th had crowds around her all week.

January, 2002

Linda Koast is granted the ONLY official license from CBS Worldwide Inc., Desilu, too, LLC & Unforgettable Licensing to create limited edition giclee's of the " I Love Lucy" classic TV scenes on Canvas & Somerset Paper.

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