Tito Salomoni, Italian (1928 - 1989)

Tito Salomoni

Tito's unique surrealistic paintings create a world filled with mysterious and compelling images, beckoning you to step into them with your mind's eye and unlock the hidden meanings. His award-winning work has been featured on many international magazine covers.

Tito Salomoni was an Italian Surrealistic Painter, born in 1928, died in 1989. "The Maze of Life" was featured in Graphis Annual 1979, the collection of the worlds finest published posters. Of the original work of art, Tito said "We all wish our lives would unwind gently like a straight road ahead of us; unfortunately life sometimes can turn into a bewildering maze of events and people. We never know who we might meet around the next corner and how such a chance encounter might forever change our life."

Reminiscent of the eerie landscapes of the renowned Italian Surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico, Salomoni's style is characterized by haunting dream-like settings filled with references to classical architecture. Salomoni's art work is collected world wide and his work has been featured in the 1979 issue of Graphis Annual, a magazine dedicated to showcasing the world's finest published posters.

Tito Salomoni devoted himself to surrealism for more than twenty years begining in 1968. He succeeds through the effectiveness of his colors as well as through the dream-like imagination which is the characteristic element of surrealist painting.

The work of Salomoni takes the shape of a charade and the spectator is given the task of finding the answer. The artist, for his part, seeks and nearly always succeeds to see inside objects, beyond walls, fabrics, beyond the very bone structure of men to extract from them the essence, the thoughts, in a counterplay of illusion, pregnant with meaning.

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