Jane Wooster Scott, American

Raised in Eastern Pennsylvania, Jane Wooster Scott grew up between picturesque Bucks County and the surrounding Dutch communities. Her earliest recollections go back to the section of that country which, even in the 1940’s retained glimmerings of the era in which she paints. For 15 years, her paintings have summoned memories of a national heritage-the traditions, holidays and customs of an innocent and energetic young America. When asked why a modern woman living in Los Angeles would devote her career to a bygone era, Wooster Scott says it is her deep love for Americana. Today, she travels throughout New England seeking inspiration for the pastoral vistas and old buildings.

She photographs what she sees to recapture them later on canvas. However, few of her paintings are real, existing scenes. They are compositions drawn from her personal thoughts and emotions. She has been exhibiting her work in Los Angles and New York and most of her shows have completely sold out on opening night. Among her collectors are Aaron Spelling, Sylvester Stallone and Marlon Brando. Her works hang in American embassies around the world and are part of the permanent White House collection.

In the "Guinness Book of Records" as one of the most reproduced artists in America, Jane Wooster Scott began copying work by folk artists such as Grandma Moses and gradually evolved into her own style. A turning point for her career was a joint showing at the Ankrum Gallery in Los Angeles with her comedian friend, Jonathan Winters. It was mostly a business crowd, and she sold 40 paintings in an hour.

Scott grew up in the Philadelphia area and moved West following her dream to be a movie star. She quickly learned that goal was not for her, but became the host of a talk show where she interviewed movie stars. Then she married and quit that work, becoming a full-time mother.

Currently (2002) she resides in homes in Los Angeles and Sun Valley, Idaho, and creates images for limited edition prints published through her own business. Her work appears on Christmas cards, calendars, puzzles, plates and more and even the state lottery printed one of her Christmas scenes on their holiday tickets.

Of her life and work, she says: "I'm a very happy person, and I think it shows in my work. One thing everyone said to me without fail is that 'whenever I look at your work it makes me happy.' And that's good; we have enough stressful things in the world. We don't need it hanging on our walls."

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