New York Gallery Brings the Museum Home for Spring

By: RoGallery Team

April 26, 2024

Andy Warhol - Flowers (FS II.69)

Nestled in the heart of a 10,000 sq foot Long Island City warehouse is a treasure trove of prints, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more. The unassuming building plays host to rows of paintings, stacks of prints, and aisles lined with sculptures. Every wall and surface is adorned with art. Even a light browse through this collection reveals pieces by artists like Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Erte.

RoGallery has been part of the art scene for over 4 decades and has garnered a reputation for having something for everyone. Rather than set up shop at a sparse, white-walled gallery in Chelsea, head purveyor Robert Rogal decided to place his roots in Queens. It was here that he began to amass a collection of works from every moment, style, medium, and era. The entire collection numbers over 30,000 pieces, all of which are available for purchase both online and in person – by appointment only.

The charm of the collection is two-fold: RoGallery has amassed a collection of a widest variety of collectible artists and also offers for sale niche and specialty works from private clients. All of which can be viewed and purchased right on their website at This has allowed collectors to build their collections without the hassle of going to a big auction house or stuffy street gallery. The result has been rave reviews from art buyers finding new and beautiful art with ease. A recommended starting point is the New Arrivals page on the site which is updated weekly with dozens of newly acquired pieces. 

The collection does not just live on the site, however. The gallery partners with several art and design retail sites to expand the reach of their visibility. They work with 1stDibs, Artsy, Artnet, Etsy, Chairish, and Printed Editions, to name a few, in their efforts to make sure their pieces are seen by as many as possible. They also have fostered relationships with interior designers, art advisors, architects, museums, universities, hotels, hospitals, and other trade professionals to ensure that good art makes its way into as many homes and businesses as possible.

RoGallery regularly curates special collections on their website that help customers narrow their search focus into more manageable categories (hunting for the perfect piece through 30,000+ options by hand can be like searching for a needle in a Monet haystack). Previous Curated Collections include “Minimalist Art for Clean Spaces”, “What’s That? It’s Abstract!”, and “Artists on Camera”, to name just a few. The latest of these collections is “In Bloom: Flower Art”.

Reveling in the height of spring, the “In Bloom: Flower Art” Curated Collection celebrates the best and brightest florals from the RoGallery inventory. This collection boasts fantastic examples of daisies, roses, tulips, irises, and more as seen through the eyes of the best artists from the Modern and Contemporary eras.

A jewel of this collection is “Flowers (FS II.69)” by Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol was the most prolific of all Pop artists and helped to shape the movement into what it is today. Warhol’s work regularly would repeat the same visual motif over and over again, often relying on images pulled from popular culture. One of his favorite repetitions was the four poppy flowers against a grass background. This screenprint, signed and dated in ballpoint pen and numbered with a rubber stamp, verso, uses bright neon shades of pink and green to depict the four flowers in striking contrast. 

Another standout piece from the “In Bloom: Flower Art” collection is “White Rose” by Lowell Blair Nesbitt. Nesbitt was a member of the Photo-Realists, a group of artists dedicated to painting with a quality that rivaled the best of what photography had to offer. His work was almost entirely dedicated to rendering flowers in exacting detail while using as loose and distorted brushstrokes as the style could allow. Stretched on canvas to be 80 x 80 inches, “White Rose” is a colossal piece that studies in detail the topography of the delicate flower. Nesbitt centers the flower, depicting it in stark contrast against a pitch-black background and free from any other visual distractions. Nesbitt’s dedication to photorealism in his work helps this piece feel as lifelike as a real rose would. One can almost imagine the aroma of the rose drifting off the petals towards the viewer. 

With Spring in full swing, it’s not too late to find the perfect piece for a collection or project from any of the RoGallery Curated Collections. Looking for a little more action? Why not try one of the live or timed auctions? RoGallery auctions are all hand-curated and boast at least 300 lots of fine art and objects for bidders to choose from. There is at least one of each auction every month so you can guarantee that there's always something around the corner. 

RoGallery is a unique force in the art world. During the last 40+ years, RoGallery has established its place in the New York City art world as a trustworthy and reputable source of modern and contemporary artworks. Art professionals know the gallery as a primary source for all of their artwork needs including consignments, in-house packing & worldwide shipping, framing, trading, and appraisals. 

Fine art buyers who are within driving distance or visiting New York City are encouraged to visit the 10,000-square-foot gallery showroom at 47-15 36th Street in Long Island City. The gallery is by appointment only between the hours of 10am-5pm, Monday through Friday. The entire collection is available 24/7 at

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